We’re not asking for money or anything, just for you to click two buttons to vote for us. It only takes 5 seconds of your time to help. Just click that link. Please.

We’re trying to win a trip to Hollywood for our 4th year anniversary, hopefully it’ll break our anniversary curse. Please help us. We’re two well deserving people who have had their fair share of hard times. We’re both the primary sources of income for our families,┬áboth working full times job to support not only ourselves, but anyone else who needs it.┬áThis trip is one of a lifetime, and we would really appreciate it if you voted for us.

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The contest ends on September 13th, THAT’S TOMORROW! And we’re currently in second place. Please help us win!

If we win, we’ll make a giant thank you card with the urls of everyone who voted and reblogged this post, no matter how many, and take a picture with it in front of the HOLLYWOOD SIGN! Please only reblog this once you’ve voted! I’ve already begun writing down the almost 250 people who have reblogged our last picture’s URL’s so I can make the card, that’s beginning to look a lot like a banner now. lol.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, you have no idea how much we appreciate it <3